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  1 Heart 1 Tree on the Eiffel Tower has been a great success and more than 100.000 trees have been planted. The action continues with the reforestation programs we carry on all 5 continents. It also continues its journey to exhibitions across the world. We thank you all for your contribution to the projet!



1 HEART 1 TREE is a monumental artwork, transforming the most emblematic monuments and major landmark around the globe into virtual forests. A successful launch in Paris as part of the United Nations COP21, adorned the Eiffel Tower with beautiful virtual trees for 5 nights in a row. 1 HEART 1 TREE is conceived to travel around the world.

1,4 million people witnessed the Paris event via live streaming; the event was also relayed by 135 TV stations around the globe. As a result, upward of 100,000 real trees were planted through reforestation programs. The event raises citizen engagement and global awareness for the deforestation challenge.

Using cutting-edge technology and projection-mapping techniques, personalized trees are projected on the monument/ landmark with the person’s name or personal message.
This creates cause engagement.
The impact is real: for each tree virtually planted during the event, a real tree is planted in one of our partner reforestation programs around the world.

Why is it important?

How we treat the environment is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing. And the COP21 is the most important international environmental event of the year, gathering 196 nations to find solutions to tackle climate change. Protecting forests is essential to supporting a healthy environment: trees are one of the solutions to fighting the greenhouse effect, saving clean water, and providing a habitat for wildlife. Trees are also a source of life and energy.

1 Heart 1 Tree is an artistic and collective event with a long-term positive impact. In the project, art becomes action. Together we will create a unique work of art on the Eiffel Tower, while showing world leaders that climate change is a serious issue that people care about.
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How does it work?

1 Heart 1 Tree is an artwork that connects the virtual with the real, technology with nature. With the 1 HEART 1 TREE app, each participant puts their finger on the phone’s camera, and their heartbeat is tracked. A unique virtual tree grows on their screen. Each participant contributes to the project by buying a tree.


They get a rendez-vous to watch their tree grow live on the monument or via streaming. Each person receives a video of his virtual tree with his name or message on it shining bright on the famous world monument. Over the next 3 years, they can follow their real tree or forest.

The artwork has been projected as a monumental artwork on the Eiffel Tower.

If you are not based in Paris, we will live-stream the projection to wherever you are so you can enjoy the experience live! If you have the chance to be in Paris come see your tree growing on the Eiffel Tower, otherwise, you can follow it directly from your smart phone. You will receive a picture of the Eiffel Tower with the projection of your tree and your name on it, in both cases. With 1 Heart 1 Tree we want to involve everybody, allowing you to be part of this project and feeling responsible and taking action for the future generations.

1 Heart 1 Tree uses 3D interactive mapping technologies. It is a technique that Naziha Mestaoui started to develop in 2003, during her research under the artist name of Electronic Shadow. The virtual forests on the Eiffel Tower will have been projected with 30 videoprojectors projecting until the top of the Tower. The entire 3D environment was calculated in realtime on a central server receiving all the information from the database fed by the phone application to generate all the trees.

Reforestation Programs on the 5 continents.

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Each virtual tree is actually planted in one of the 8 plantation programs across the world, making you a co-creator of our collective future. The plantation programs are either reforestation of protected areas or Edible forests, ensuring an environmental as well as a social impact.The edible forest is designed to provide food for humanity while preserving our planet and its resources, nourishing the land, saving water, creating habitat for wildlife and changing the relationship farmers have to nature. The reforestation programs are realized in collaboration with NGOs or local groups around the world. Each of them has a strong social and environmental impact and they’ll all be followed during 3 years.


How can your tree be totally unique?

Unique tree p

The application uses a series of data to generate a unique 3D virtual tree. The rate of your heartbeat is recorded with the camera on your phone. We use an algorithm to analyze the chromatic micro-changes due to the blood-circulation on the finger. Then your heartbeat, your name and the information about your real tree will be part of the data generating the 3D tree, giving birth to your unique virtual tree. The application is developed in Unity, a cross platform real-time 3D software.

Already an international media success

1 Heart 1 tree, the monumental and participatory work of art designed for the UN Climate Conference, COP21 in Paris, has already obtained supporting articles from international publications from around the world, including:  JT de 20h de TF1,  JT de Canal+Huffigton Postla Tribune,  DesignboomVanity FairFast Co-existTrendHunter, and more.


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